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TRIP: Ski touring in Vladeasa Massif, Apuseni Mountains | January 12 – 13, 2019

Explore the most beautiful offpiste ski slopes in Vladeasa during two days of ski touring in Vladeasa massif, together with Alpine Tours! You have probably taken your touring skis for a ride in Vladeasa, but for sure you haven't seen the best slopes and the places with the best snow. So join us in a [...]

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CLINICS: Ice Climbing | January 26 – 27, 2019 România | February 1 -3, 2019 | Bulgaria

We invite you to a complete ice climbing clinics, where we will progressively go through all the aspects of ice climbing, from safety to lead climbing. We will learn rope handling techniques, belays, planning and safe leading on ice in an efficient and safe way, as well as evaluating the quality of a cascade. The [...]

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Clinics: Sport Climbing in Turda Gorges 11-12 MAY

Do you want to better your outdoor sport climbing skills? Come with us in Turda Gorges! The intensive course is a great learning opportunity for beginner climbers or for advanced who want to move on from climbing indoors to rock climbing, or to improve their skills in the sport climbing technique. We will present you the needed equipment, communication [...]

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Clinics: Multipitch Climbing in Turda Gorges | JUNE 14-16, 2019

Vertical exploration is definitely the best part of rock climbing. When we climb, higher and higher, we feel the void underneath our feet and we reach to higher points where new perspectives unveil. For a moment, we can feel conquerors, but in order to feel safe, we need to put in use appropriate techniques for [...]

CLINICS: Winter Mountaineering | February 14-16, 2020

Do you like spending time in the mountains and feel the need to improve your mountaineering skills for winter activities or an alpine environment? Then sign up for this seasons' mountaineering clinics. The clinics is developed on two levels, beginner and advanced. It is destined to both those wishing to learn winter mountaineering specific techniques, as well [...]

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