Clinics: Multipitch Climbing in Turda Gorges | 7-8 July 2018

Do you want to become independent in multipitch climbing? Come with us in Turda Gorges! The intensive course is a great learning opportunity for beginner climbers or for advanced who want to improve their skills in the multipitch technique. We will present you the needed equipment, communication and safety measures, belay, regroup and retreat techniques. By successfully completing this [...]

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Mont Blanc in 5 days | Train. Acclimatise. Climb | June-September 2019

5 days Mont Blanc course to prepare, acclimatise and climb the Mont Blanc peak.  The Mont Blanc Mountain Range offers an endless playground for mountaineering, rock or alpine climbing and ski mountaineering that's renowned worldwide. The whole story started from the range's highest summit and the top of the Alps, Mont Blanc 4810 m, more [...]

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