Mera Peak Expedition

Mera Peak High Altitude Climbing Expedition Venturing above 6000 m altitude is a challenge for any mountaineer! Mera Peak is an exciting, scenically stunning mountain, that provides a superb challenge for the very fit. Test your endurance on this 17 days climb, experience the Himalayan expedition style with long approaches, gradual acclimatisation and [...]

Matterhorn 3 days course | Climb via the Hornli or Lion Ridge

3 days Matterhorn course to train, acclimatise and climb the peak by the Hornli ridge or Lion ridge. Matterhorn is one of the most aesthetic mountains of the Alps. An almost perfect four sides pyramid, with each side of its peak facing a cardinal direction, Matterhorn rises as an imposing, singular presence in [...]

Mont Blanc in 5 days | Train. Acclimatise. Climb

5 days Mont Blanc course to prepare, acclimatise and climb the Mont Blanc peak.  The Mont Blanc Mountain Range offers an endless playground for mountaineering, rock or alpine climbing and ski mountaineering that's renowned worldwide. The whole story started from the range's highest summit and the top of the Alps, Mont Blanc 4810 m, more [...]

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