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Clinics: Ski Touring at Balea Lake | December 8-9, 2018

Sign up to this ski touring clinics at Bâlea Lake if you wish to learn the basics of ski touring, the techniques for moving off piste and the safety measures specific to ski touring. We also encourage you to participate, even if you are not at your first ski tour off piste, but feel the need [...]

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Clinics: Ski Touring Busteni | February 3-4, 2018

Ski touring is definitely the key to discovering mountains in winter time. The ski touring course in Bucegi mountains is suited for those who wish to learn skiing off piste, but also to those who are not at their first tour on skis but feel the need to practice and learn in an organised group. At [...]

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Ski Touring in Slovenia | April 6-9, 2017

In April keep the skis on your feet, but change the scenery! Join us for a ski touring trip in Slovenia, in a unique corner of the Alps, on the slopes of the famous Triglav. If you love ski touring and you are looking for an interesting experience, it is possible that this tour [...]

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