Vertical exploration is definitely the best part of rock climbing. When we climb, higher and higher, we feel the void underneath our feet and we reach to higher points where new perspectives unveil. For a moment, we can feel conquerors, but in order to feel safe, we need to put in use appropriate techniques for such climbs.

The purpose of this clinics is to create a foundation for rock climbing techniques and belays, required for multipitch climbs. The clinics is destined to beginners who wish to advance, as well as to those who wish to make the transition from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing or even multipitch climbing. At the end of this course we wish you to acquire enough experience so you can continue this activity on your own.

If you have questions or you want to book a place, contact us at +40 730 091 232, +40 744 930 900, +40 743 653 485, info @ or you the form from below. A place is considered booked when the payment is confirmed.

Dates: June 14-16, 2019

Area: Turda Gorges

Available places: 2 participants / instructor

Minimum age: 18

Instructors:  Akos Kozma & Catalin Dobre

Price: 650 lei/ person

The ice climbing course topics include: 

  • learning the basics / improve your technique in safety and belaying
  • anchoring, regroup and retreat techniques
  • communication procedures

  • climbing shoes, harness*, helmet*, belay device*
  • T-shirt, tricou, fleece, waterproof jacket, long/short pants, hiking boots, hat
  • water bottle, headlamp, sun glasses, sun cream, first aid kit

* Available on demand in the limit of Alpine Tours available stock.

  • training hours in the company of a certified guide
  • the collective equipment (ropes, half ropes, various belay devices, carabiners, ice screws).
  • e-course (pdf)

  • accommodation at the hut
  • personal transportation cost of participants
  • meals
  • personal medical insurance
  • personal required equipment