One of the beautiful things about mountain guiding is that you offer joy. Lionel Terray


Foto: Alex Sava | RG&B Images

Private guiding is the best option for those who look for a custom program, for those who wish to enjoy mountaineering in a small group or 1:1, only in the company of a specialised guide. Whether you want to learn the basics of mountaineering, whether you wish to try a more technical route, our team can be by your side during your learning process.

Mountain guiding on technical terrain

Our experience and dedication allowed us to specialise in technical guiding, in both summer time (on ridges, alpine valleys or rock walls) as well as in winter time (icefalls, alpine environment). We count among the few mountains guides in Romania able to guide in such environments. Our team has guided on many alpine, rock climbing and skiing routes in the Carpathians, the Alps, Caucasus, Andes, Alaska, Africa or the Himalayas.

When or why to contact a mountain guide? Here are some examples:

  • You want to make a climb or a trek but you do not have enough information about it or you do not have an experienced partner.

  • You want to start trekking, rock climbing, ski touring or you wish to visit a more remote and less accesible mountain area and do not now how to start.

  • You want to invite you colleagues or business partners to experience a day out in the nature and you need somebody to organise the tour, the logistics and to oversee the safety of the group.

  • You wish to climb a high mountain peak or a longer, difficult or technical climb and you do not find the right partner or do not have the time to grow your own team.

  • You are not familiar with a certain mountain area, with a climb or with winter mountaineering and you want to have somebody experienced by your side.
  • You appreciate the tranquillity of nature, you prefer small groups and quiet, less climbed routes, you also enjoy discovering new places and you are not willing to travel alone.

Terms and Conditions

We have a strict guide to client ratio which we adjust for different kinds of terrain or mountaineering activities, so that safety comes first. For multi pitch climbing where belaying is necessary, the guide to client ratio will be 1:1 or 1:2 (depending on the climb) but never more. For sport climbing (climbs of maximum one rope length) or initiation clinics, the ratio can not be more than 1:4. For trekking, ski or ski touring, the ratio can be higher, however the optimal number of participants to one activity can only be decided after an analysis of the chosen tour. For large groups and depending on the activity of choice, more guides will be required and we can complete the team with more certified guides.

Mountaineering in the company of a guide does not mean that the client is free from any responsibilities. The client (s) must always be aware of the potential dangers that can arrise in the alpine and mountain environment, they must respect the safety rules communicated by the guide, they must show a decent attitude towards the surrounding environment and towards other mountaineers.


In the case of multipitch rock climbing, classical climbs or sport climbs, the price will be set per guide, per day plus the guide's expenses (transportation, accommodation and meals). For trekking and ski tours, the price will be set per group per day, depending on the size of the group and the difficulty and length of the tour. We are always happy to talk about the mountains. If you need more information about our mountain guiding services, about climbs, tours or equipment, or if you just want to discuss about a certain project, contact us at +40 746 327 791.