Gather the knowledge to climb granite cracks and adventure routes around the world! This 3 day learn to lead on trad clinics is for the competent indoor or sport climber who wants to put his/her skills to work on trad routes where it is required to place your own protection, for those who want to climb big walls or adventure routes. At the end of the 3 days learn to lead on trad clinics you will have the tools to lead on a trad climb and to take them on famous climbs! 

The 3 day trad climbing clinics takes place in the Chamonix Valley, France at the nearby crags or in Valle del Orco, Italy, Grand Paradiso Massif, in a more quiet and alpine environment. 

The client-to-instructor ratio will not exceed 4:1, but is usually 2:1 while on climbs to ensure that we can give you our fullest attention.


The trad climbing clinics is suitable for anyone who can lead climb 5c on rock. To find out if this clinics is suitable for you, please get in touch.


Day 1 – The first day will to be full of new information.  We get an in depth view about equipment selection, climbing manoeuvres, communication, route selection and guidebooks.  We will spend most of the time exercising different types of gear placements, building and equalising anchors.

Day 2 – The main focus of the day is to learn to trust the gear placements, and next how to efficiently and safely progress to place the next items of equipment. We will simulate lead climbing on trad on different type of routes.

Day 3 – We’ll put all you have learnt into practice. If you feel confident about the skills learned we will get you to lead climb your first trad route.


Trad Climbing Clinics

custom/ person
  • 1 person

Trad Climbing Clinics

450/ person
  • group of 2 people

Trad Climbing Clinics

350/ person
  • group of 4 people

The trad climbing 3 days clinic can be booked individually or as a group of friends. The program and activities can be customised on demand, based on your preferences and experience. It is possible to provide additional services on prior arrangements.


  • Activity place: Orco Valley, Italy – Chamonix Mont Blanc, France
  • Type of activity: rock climbing, learning workshops, adventure climbing
  • Number of participants: maximum 8 (can be organised as an individual clinic or for a group of 2 participants as well)
  • Period: from June to  September 
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Level : beginner to intermediate
  • Complexity: comfortable, fun activity
  • Mountain guide: UIAGM certified mountain guide
  • mountain guide fee
  • group equipment
  • transportation
  • accommodation in Chamonix, Orco Valley
  • meals
  • lift passes
  • personal insurance

Mandatory personal gear: harness, helmet, climbing shoes, chalk bag, belay device, 4 screw gate carabiners, 2x 120 cm dynema slings, 2x 60 cm dynema slings, 5x quickdraws (different sizes).

Good to bring if you have (but not mandatory): 1 set of cams, 1 set of nuts + nut tool, wiregate carabiners and extenders, 1 set of hexes, crack climbing gloves. 

Clothing: it is recommended to wear comfortable climbing or sport clothing but also adaptable to changeable weather conditions, wind or even rain. Good items to wear:

  • Comfortable climbing pants, t-shirts
  • Wind jacket. 
  • Sun cream
  • Sun glasses
  • Approach shoes
  • Crag backpack (suitable for carrying a rope and climbing gear) 

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To learn more about this activity, do write us a message at, use the form below or call +40730091232 / +33644856628. We are looking forward to hearing from you!