5 days course to prepare, acclimatise and climb the Mont Blanc peak.

The Mont Blanc Mountain Range offers an endless playground for mountaineering, rock or alpine climbing and ski mountaineering that’s renowned worldwide. The whole story started from the range’s highest summit and the top of the Alps, Mont Blanc 4810 m, more than 200 years ago and is still the most obvious way to start discovering these beautiful glaciated mountains.

Your guide for this trip is Mihnea Prundeanu, UIAGM mountain guide: “I personally climbed Mont Blanc for my first time in 2007 as my first adventure in the  French Alps and since then I returned every year and climbed many other interesting routes, peaks ridges, couloirs in this area.  I believe that once you get to the top of Mont Blanc different new perspectives open up, and even if this climb became the most popular and sometimes even a bit crowded it still should be a “must do” for every mountaineer or mountain lover at least once in a lifetime.”

The ascent of Mont Blanc (either on 3 mountains route or Gouter) is still a serious climb due to the logistics required, the strategy of the climb, some objective dangers and less but not least the technical difficulties and altitude. Climbing the mountain with a more experienced mountaineer (a guide) who knows the area well and has good technical abilities will increase significantly your chances of success and safety.  The 5 days course of this climb has also the objective to teach and prepare you for this climb itself but also for other similar climbs. Acclimatisation is also an important for Mont Blanc, so having extra days to let your body adapt to the thin air and low pressure is better and safer.

The following program is tailored for you to go through all these steps and also to see as many areas as possible from this mountain range.  


Day 1 – Meeting point at 9 AM in front of Montenvers Train Station – equipment check and training day with crampons, ice axe and rope on Mer de Glace glacier.  

Day 2 – Acclimatization + training day at Aiguille du Midi / Torino Hut – Traverse of Pointe Lachenal or Cosmique Ridge or Tour Ronde ascent. The night is spent back in Chamonix;

Day 3 – We take the tramway du Mont Blanc to Nid dÁigle and climb to Gouter Hut. We sleep at the hut;

Day 4 – Early morning start and climb to Mont Blanc Summit. Descent back to hut and to Nid D’Aigle train station;

Day 5 – Extra day in case of bad weather or poor conditions.    


  • Destination: Mont Blanc Peak
  • Type of climb: Altitude climb
  • Places available: 1, 2 or multiple of  2
  • Interval: 1 st of June  – 30th of September
  • Minimum age: 18 year old
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Technical level: 2/5
  • Level of effort: Sustained 5/5
  • Guide: Mihnea Prundeanu, IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guide 



FOR REGISTRATIONS contact us via telephone : + 40 730 091 232 or email: info@alpine-tours.com

  • Mountain guide fees, experienced and with a technical expertise for this climb
  • Accommodation and meals for guide and client,
  • Lifts and train transportation for guide and client,
  • Gear rental for the client. 

Gear: Can be rented from Chamonix at around 135 Eur for 5 days. Ex: crampons + ice axe, harness, helmet, mountaineering boots.

It is recommended to wear an adaptable layering system for changeable conditions.

For example:

  • underpants and overpants,
  • good quality base layer + spare,
  • mid layer shirt (synthetic),
  • windproof/waterproof jacket,
  • insulation jacket,
  • good waterproof gloves + mittens,
  • warm socks + spare ones,
  • sun glasses,
  • windproof hat,
  • wind bandana,
  • backpack,
  • headlamp + batteries,
  • water bottle,
  • small first aid kit.

Some gear can be rented from Chamonix at around 135 Eur for 5 days. Ex: crampons + ice axe, harness, helmet, mountaineering boots.



1900per person


1200per person

FOR REGISTRATIONS contact us via telephone : + 40 730 091 232 or email: info@alpine-tours.com

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